Wednesday 27 April: Art Talk by Sculptor David Heathcote 

David Heathcote works in stone and bronze.   His principle themes are the human figure and the human head, developed in a figurative – creative way.   He produces works for domestic as well as public spaces and his sculpture ranges from reliefs to fully three-dimensional pieces, and from hand size to over life size.   His influences are listed as artistic, cubist, cultural, dynamic, humanistic, lithic, monumental, oriental, sculptural, semi abstract, stone, garden, organic, touchable, humanistic, touchable, tactile.

As well as discussing his work David talked about his career as an artist in both Nigeria and Britain. He has exhibited sculpture in the Art Within Grasp in Maidstone in 1991. Kent Association for the Blind, in Canterbury, has a wood sculpture of his on long loan and has designed a bronze sculpture specifically for a garden for blind people in Henrietta Park in Bath.

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