Sally Booth ‘Still Lights’ Art Talk

Artist and ATT member Sally Booth presented a discussion her recent work ‘Still Lights’.

Sally specialised in painting for her Fine Art degree at Bristol and more recently completed an MA in Fine Art (Drawing) at Wimbledon School of Art. In 1988 she undertook The British Sketchbook Tour, a solo drawing tour round Britain, which was followed by a series of one-person shows around the country. She has exhibited her work at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, the Royal Festival Hall, the Courtauld Institute and the Richard Attenborough Centre.

‘Still Lights is a painting project that explores the nature of vision and visual impairment in conjunction with photography and technology.   I have returned to the practice of traditional still life to make a series of very small, close-up, intimate paintings and pastel studies of coloured glass bottles to explore the qualities of light, blurred focus and altered colour sense that my own particular vision can produce’.

‘As the project has developed and the level of light has changed with the seasons, the work has progressed from dark to light, and is both a celebration of vision and an exploration of its loss through lack of light.   This is also reflected in the photographs produced as light boxes, which show objects and colours blurred, abstracted and obscured by a screen, echoing my experience of the grained and milky quality of vision through a cataract’. Sally Booth.

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