Calanit Schachner and Bill Waltier “Space” Project Talk

In February, Calanit Schachner and Bill Waltier gave a talk on their recent collaborative project “Space”. Calanit Schachner met Bill Waltier through Art Through Touch.

Calanit Schachner:
‘The project is a collaborative practice between a totally blind man (Bill Waltier) and myself who tried to investigate the concept of vision, perception and blindness through the photographic medium. Through the process, I was trying to question about the ‘sight’ of the visually impaired person towards me. In order to do this, I am trying to create a dialog between myself as a photographer and one whose vision and sight is my tool on the one hand, and the visually impaired person who ‘sees’ and ‘views’ things in a different way on the other hand’.

During the talk Calanit and Bill discussed how they photographed each other with blinded cameras, a technique developed by Calanit to make the situation of photographing between them more equal. This process involves taking the photographs with an infrared black and white negative, digital medium format camera with a dark red filter. This “blinds” both the camera and Calanit the photographer. In other words, the photographer is looking into something that is not visible. With the aid of the computer, layers are removed to reveal the image on the computer screen. Using this technique, Calanit created an equal visual condition between Bill and herself.

Calanit’s pictures portray the sensual illusion of the photograph. Beauty and objectivity within the horizon of the barely visible. They contain genuine stillness. Not just its idea but something more like the stillness that follows separation. A kind of imperceptible movement.

The work produced during this project was shown recently at the Jeffrey Charles Gallery and was Calanit’s first solo show in this country.

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