Month: October 2017

Biggest Art Galleries In the World | The Top 10

The biggest art galleries in the world are the perfect place to represent the collection of cumulative endurance, time and effort of many artists over generations. Art galleries house all, be it photography, sculpture or maintaining and depicting culture of many ages. There are many famous art galleries that encompass nearly the whole world. So

What is the Biggest Art Shop in London?

Interested in finding out what is the biggest art shop in London? Well, Great Britain boasts some legendary artists and painters such as George Beck and Henry Bright. London is its cultivating capital as well as its most populous city by some distance. So it should come as no surprise that this city is home

Wednesday 27 April: Art Talk by Sculptor David Heathcote 

David Heathcote works in stone and bronze.   His principle themes are the human figure and the human head, developed in a figurative – creative way.   He produces works for domestic as well as public spaces and his sculpture ranges from reliefs to fully three-dimensional pieces, and from hand size to over life size.

Calanit Schachner and Bill Waltier “Space” Project Talk

In February, Calanit Schachner and Bill Waltier gave a talk on their recent collaborative project “Space”. Calanit Schachner met Bill Waltier through Art Through Touch. Calanit Schachner: ‘The project is a collaborative practice between a totally blind man (Bill Waltier) and myself who tried to investigate the concept of vision, perception and blindness through the photographic medium. Through

Sally Booth ‘Still Lights’ Art Talk

Artist and ATT member Sally Booth presented a discussion her recent work ‘Still Lights’. Sally specialised in painting for her Fine Art degree at Bristol and more recently completed an MA in Fine Art (Drawing) at Wimbledon School of Art. In 1988 she undertook The British Sketchbook Tour, a solo drawing tour round Britain, which

Jonathan Huxley Art Talk .. You Don’t Know me But …. Talk

This rather different Art Talk by the painter Jonathan Huxley asked such questions as.. ” How did I arrive in New York a complete unknown and within one month end up making ultraviolet paintings for Grace Jones’s Birthday party? ” ” What happened when I gave a lecture on art and vision to one hundred and

The Best Art Schools in the World

There are a number of high class and reliable arts performing schools all over the world. Various performing arts institutions help to develop talents in arts and produce renowned and best artist in the world. Having the knowledge of these world renowned performance arts schools can help you significantly in deciding which school to join